Ghost From the Past


{A limited tour of 'my' Parisian neighborhood}


My hotel's immediate neighborhood, in Paris’ 16th ward, if I look out my hotel window (Hotel Beausejour-Ranelagh), I see this:



The building across the street is like many other Paris residential buildings: tastefully ornate, as witnessed by its corner tower:




Leaning out the window slightly and looking west from the hotel room, one can see the trees that signal the boundary of the Bois de Boulogne (it is on this same trip that one night after the meetings I took a sunset stroll that led to several photo pages):




And looking east toward the Eiffel (but the tower is not visible from here, it looms toward the northeast behind that building on the corner, the tall buildings at the end of the street are across the Seine river, about a mile south of the Eiffel tower):




Shall we walk a few blocks and see the rest of my neighborhood?  This is the main intersection a few blocks from my hotel.



And if I now turn around and go east this is the main shopping area:



And if I keep going this way I see the Eiffel, finally:



And here it is again, another few blocks later:



So, now you have seen part of my immediate neighborhood in Paris.   I have been staying in this neighborhood and at this hotel since my second trip to Paris in 1983. 22 years this year! I have watched the owners and some of the staff grow older, and they have watched me grow old.  They have seen my wife, and three of my four children. The fourth? Given a choice, he went with me on a trip to Switzerland instead.


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