Last Day in Paris (March)

March 19, 2005





After all of that wondrous experience at the Cluny (see the first three pages in this series), I still had some energy.  


So I chose to walk home along the Seine river.   That requires and deserves a separate page, of course.


On my walk home from the Cluny Museum, my first noteworthy view was from the bridge over the Seine that took me from the Latin Quarter to the Ile de la Cite, with a splendid view of the Notre Dame cathedral:



I walked to the other side of the island and crossed the river once more, seeing the Notre Dane from the other side of the island now:



It wasn't too far to walk to the end of the island:



From here on I played catch with the sun. As I began my walk, the sun was still in the sky:



But as I continued to walk I got closer to some taller buildings and therefore the sun "set" at that location. The Eiffel was next to the setting sun.  



I kept walking and I saw it set again, this time behind lower buildings.



I hurried to that bridge just ahead and was able to take a picture looking back to the Isle de la Cite in the twilight.  The Notre Dame is clearly visible:



From that same bridge I took my last sunset photo:



Then my feet began to hurt and I jumped on a train to get the rest of the way home.  But just because it was my last night on this trip, I got off a few stops early and walked through my neighborhood to take some pictures, only a couple of which are worthwhile.



I had a hard time getting a good picture of the Eiffel's lights from my neighborhood (the 16th Arrondissement):



Every few minutes the Eiffel produced a light show (the dazzlingly bright white lights flicker on and off in a wild frenzy of light).  To me, it looks like some sort of alien mechanical monster at times.  But a nice monster of course:



By this time I was so tired I rode a train the last three blocks (that is pretty darned tired):



Right by my hotel these flowers, outside a late-night flower-shop, perked me up enough to take the stairs to my room instead of the elevator:



It is always so very sad to say goodbye to Paris (or wherever I am for long enough to come to feel the spirit of the people and the place).  But it is always so very good to get home!


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