Two Short Stays in Brussels

Three days, late November 2005, in Brussels

Part 1, the Grand-Place at Night

Three days in November 2005 I worked in Brussels, three long working days, with no time for making any touristic side trips.

It was good that I had been to Brussels a few times in the past, since this made me not have to spend time orienting myself.  In my few hours late in the evening, with freezing temperatures, I quickly took the Metro/Tram system to several of my favorite places in Brussels, and one of my wife's favorite places as well, which is the Grand Place.  To get there, I passed through one of several Medieval streets lined with restaurants where people seemed to be enjoying themselves:

Soon I saw the spire on the nicest building on the Grand Place (sorry about the quality of these pictures, it is poor, when I go back in December for just two more days of intense business meetings I will try to do better and replace these):

I will now walk into this great market square and take pictures in almost all directions.  The first one is of the most colorful building, now a museum (both pictures lack sharpness, largely my fault for not holding camera still because of light shivering [Las Vegas boys don't do well below about 60 F]):

To the left of this building is more light and color:

Same to the right:

Again with reference to the building featured above, further to the left is this set of buildings:

The above photo is taken from in front of the building with the very high tower, so high that I just could not get a good picture of it this close by, but the building is very ornate and I like it.  I did not get a good shot of its facade, but this is its left side:

This is as good as it gets for the facade (just imagine the tower continuing to soar upward):

I found the decor above the door of interest, showing some gruesome, I thought, scenes from left to right suggesting Christ's power, derived from the cross, was in the hands of saints who slayed monsters and dragons and finally in the hands of the clergy.  Symbolically elegant, and a bit worrisome since it stemmed from a time when church and state were not crisply separated:

The door decor included several of the human virtues, such as justice shown here:

And my personal favorite, peace, complete with a dove on the lady's shoulder, shown here:

But I did visit some other places in Brussels, not far from the Grand Place actually, I'll go there on the next page and you can follow if you really care to see very poor photos of very old churches (St. Catharine's and a Beguinage church).

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