The Bois de Boulogne


A May Sunset in a Beautiful Place

Part 1: The Lake and its tree neighbors


The last business day of my May 2005 trip to Paris let me go just in time to race to and then out of my hotel to hoof it into the Bois de Boulogne, a giant park on the western edge of central Paris.  


Here is a map of "the Bois" showing where it lies with respect to the Eiffel and my Metro stop, the Ranelagh stop just a few steps from the front door of my hotel.  My plan is to walk around the Lac Inferieur right below the red letters at the top left that say PARIS - Bois de Boulogne:



My goal, to capture low sunlight, and sunset, in the trees of that beautiful place.


I start taking pictures at the very top of the lake in the above map where there is an outflow into a stream heading north:



If we look into the lake from under that tree, this is what we see:



Next we walk down the side of the lake (left side of lake in map, toward split in lake) and we notice a giant tree:




The light is getting prety low so we hurry to the place where the lake is divided by an island:



See those trees on the right?  We are in them now, looking at those trees so nicely lit up by the sun in the above photo:



That red tree is a nice one, so we look at it again:



And again:



Enough of the red tree, let's move on down some more:




The light is getting quite low, so I actually walk fast and jog into the woods where I hope to get some light-in-the-canopy shots.


On the next page we will show that we did indeed get some worthy shots in before sunset!



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