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Items of Interest in 2005

1.  At the risk of repeating something from 2004, here are some photos and observations contributed by the proprietor of the castle at Mezerville in an update of a page that is part of my 2002 Pyrenean Fairytale. .

2. Photos from our Spain trip in late October (see a sample above) were all posted late 2004, as were the first few chapters of the accompanying story.  Now, in February 2005, the writing, editing and posting of chapters in that story was finished.  The story is about a family that is severely affected by the greed, violence and mayhem of the Roman conquest of Spain around 200 BC.  It is NOT a story for children.

3.  January 7, 2005 saw a general snowfall in Las Vegas.  A few pictures were taken (actually many were taken, but few were without my granddaughter, and they do not get onto this public site).

4.  February, there is water in the Amargosa River in Death Valley!  This will not be a surprise to those who think of rivers as channels that carry water.  A desert river may be named just for its potential to sometimes carry water, however.

5.  February, the Amargosa River before entering Death Valley, and the saga of Salt Creek and three rather wet dry-lakes.  We look at the river to the north where it leaves the Amargosa Valley, and we look at Salt Creek coming from the south toward Baker, California.

6.  February, Audrey and I do Death Valley's flowers!   They were early, and they were beautiful!

7.  February, my Mother and I visit the flowers of Willow Beach, on the Colorado River in Arizona.  These flowers were on slopes faced west, so the sun warmed and stimulated the flowers.

8.  February, my Mother and I visit the first flowers in Eldorado Canyon, near Nelson, Nevada, on the Colorado River.   These flowers were on east-facing slopes and were obviously not as well-developed as their cousins on west-facing slopes across the river.

9. Late March and it is a return visit to Death Valley's flowers and lake again, with side trips to see the Mojave River actually flow, and to explore Silver Lake's ancient outflow path to the north once again.

10. How does one spend one's arrival day in Paris so as not to succumb to jet-lag the rest of the week?  This was my method for this trip (March): climb the dome of the Sacre Coeur cathedral, and see Paris.  It worked!

11.  How does one spend one's last day in Paris, after a week's work?  Differently each time. This time I:  (1)  visited beneath the Cluny museum, (2) attended a musical performance in that museum and  re-visited some of its treasures, and (3) took a walk along the Seine in the sunset. A great day!

12.  A rainy day in May is spent in Auvers sur Oise,  where the Van Gogh brothers rest in peace.  Photos include their graves, some portions of the town, and its setting in a valley through which the river Oise runs.  A very nice town to visit, just 35 miles north of Paris.

13a, b, c and d.  Two parks were visited in Paris in May: flowers, lakes, trees, etc. (1) The "Promenade Plantee" , and (2) the Bois de Boulogne.  Also, (3) something unusual about this trip (photos of a room, the rest all words), plus (4) just a few photos of my Paris neighborhood.

14a and b.  Death Valley once again: from the air and from the ground.  The occasion?  (1) Flights to and from San Franciso from Las Vegas and (2) the annual Devils Hole Workshop, which was held in Death Valley this year (7 pages), links on each page, as usual.

15.  A working week in La Coruna or A Coruna, Galicia, Spain, with a side trip to Cabo Finisterre.

16.  Flight over Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, and Capitol Reef!   Two aerial shots of Chicago thrown in for contrast.!

17.  UNEXPECTEDLY, MY MOTHER DIED OF HEART FAILURE, 31 August 2005, age 88years and 10 days.  A very short biography of Adriana Van Luik is given under this link.

18.  A Tale of Two Books, a short commentary on a book by Ahmad Shahvary about Rumi and on a book by Kenth Pedersen similarly disposed to making one seek to be helpful , not hurtful, to other souls inhabiting  this world.

19.  I had wondered where the canals went that I saw in Paris.  With only one afternoon for 'play' this trip, I thought investigating those canals was a cool thing to do.  Turns out they are part of Napoleon's legacy, which I found interesting.  He wanted ugly commercial barges off the Seine in front of his palaces, so had a bypass-canal built  (but he also wanted to expand the city and the canal provided water to do so). .

20.  Another set of photo pages from flying over Greenland.  Melting ice on the west side of the country is dramtically illustrated..

21.  A repeat of Item 14, a flight to and from San Francisco (Vegas is home) but from the other side of the plane this time.  Views of Walker Lake, Mammoth Lakes, Mono Lake and  Yosemite Valley.  A connected page shows the Spring Range near Las Vegas.

22.  Click to see some pictures from flying over the Colorado River to see some of Lake Powell and the Kaiparowits Plateau.  Pictures are not great, but remind me of one of the greater adventures with my wife from my 'extended childhood' (=grad-school days)!

23.  An archaeological adventure in Nevada: Hidden Cave and Spirit Cave.  Nevada 'early man' sites near Fallon.

24.  Brussels, with poor quality photos taken at night., with a short description of the history of the Large Beguinage (Beguinage of Our Lady of the Vine) in Brussels.  NOW  UPDATED to include some pages on Christmas lights in Brussels!

25.  A somewhat lengthy declaration of personal belief.  Tentative only because it changes over time, not because it is not a firmly held belief at this particular moment in time.  ALSO, a discussion of the conflict between Jan van Ruisbroeck and Bloemardine, AND three photo pages on places of importance to the life of Jan van Ruisbroeck.

26.  A very short excursion into the Spring Range of Nevada at the end of a snow storm.  Some nice cloud and mountain views.

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