Place de Greve

In a previous set of pages I told Marguerite Porete's story including showing this place where she was murdered, burned alive for allegedly going back on a promise it was doubtful she made.

This time I wanted to see what she might have seen on her last day of life as she was carted (taken in a cart) to her place of execution from her place in internment.  One thing she would have seen, but not with this kind of boat, or buildings, or bridges, would be the Seine flowing with no respect to anything happening in the human world around it:

Another thing she would have seen is the Notre Dame Cathedral, at least in part:

One wonders if she had any thoughts as she passed the facade, with its saints and important persons, some 'insect brains' as she would describe them, and some mystical prophets she admired.

The next time she saw the Seine, having passed over the island, she would be looking at the Place de Greve where all public executions occurred:

This sign shows that for a long time after the public burnings stopped, the city held giant celebratory bonfires here once a year to amuse the public.

The beautiful city hall building was not there, but another structure surely was:

neither was this bar and grille there, named in memory of our mystical heroine:

Perhaps from where she was led onto her pyre she could see the towers of the Notre Dame as we still can today, despite the crowd of buildings now around her.

Marguerite has to be pleased with her renaissance in this time.  I am.

The next day I got up quite early and took a little walking and Metro-aided city tour to visit some of my favorite places and views.  Please join me, if you like, by clicking on the Paris walk page below.

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