Ruisbroec's Grove

The place where Ruisbroec spent the more important part of his life in now in the Brussels extended suburbs, but it is still a place apart, part of a forest preserve that will be maintained for as long as foreseeable.  On this trip the city was gray, with fog and low clouds and rain taking light and diffusing it so that there were no shadows and little color anywhere to be seen.  As soon as I stepped off the train at Groenendaal, however, and saw the leaves from last fall lying on the forest floor, color had come back into my world.

Even though it rained all that day and some photos had more umbrella in them then I wanted, it was still a very peaceful experience just to walk these paths and see these sights as, in the same months of the year, the blessed Jan van Ruisbroec would have seen them.  What a great reminder of the cycles and continuity of life!

Soon I was back where I had walked and taken photos before.  But this time I purposely took different paths and saw different things, though every view is one that, having lived her for decades, Jan would also have seen.  Maybe this reminder of the tenacity of life is not the same as was visible then, but there were surely others of this nature visible during his time here:

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