An Early Morning in Paris

It is unusual for me to arise early in Paris because of jet-lag, but this trip was different, so when I got up the only thing open was local bakeries:

There was no traffic, no one at the Metro station at Passy:

Getting to the Passy station gave me a nice view of the Eiffel, as did riding the # 6 train across the river:

I re-emerged at the Abbesses station, and walked up to the Butte Montmartre, my favorite place for meditation and viewing the city:

Here are several views of the Montmartre district, showing the climb involved and where I was headed, just in time for listening to a nuns' choir sing their morning devotionals:

After the cathedral, the view of the city in the morning light was very fine, here is the Notre Dame's towers (center of photo) and the Eiffel.  

It was a great start to a very fine day!  Thanks for coming along. Have a great day too, please.

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