Death Valley in April

Part 5: Sand Dunes and the Badwater Salt Flats

We started a bit late and decided to quickly visit the sand dunes because it is a tradition for my granddaughter and I to walk the dunes when we come to Death Valley.  This time, however, we wore flip-flops, a big mistake given the temperature was already over 100 F (~40 C).  Burning ones toes and feet is unpleasant.

We did not go very far before we turned around.

We were happy to reach that little silver car in the photo below.

Air-conditioner on full blast, we drove to Badwater, walked onto the salt flat and looked back to see Dante's Peak rising above us:

In the middle of this next picture is a blue blur that says "sea level" indicating we are below sea level:

My watch said -300 feet was our elevation, pretty good since the official elevation is -282 feet:

Looking west, Telescope Peak again:

Looking north, salt flats:

My granddaughter is a good sport, but said it was too hot, and turned back.  I took a look at my watch and could see why she would say such a thing, it said 119 F (~45 C) -- which was in direct sun but explained her discomfort (and mine):

Badwater lake, which was very expansive in my 2004-2005 winter photos, was just a puddle now with salt precipitating near its surface:

And that was about all the sightseeing we got in while I was in Death Valley attending the Devils Hole Workshop this year.

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