Death Valley in April

Part 4: A Sunset at Dante's Peak

Friday evening after the Devils Hole Workshop was over, we drove up to Dante's Peak, reminding lovers of the "Divine Comedy" of the moment when Dante stood on a hill overlooking an extremely deep abyss: hell.

From atop Dante's Peak we could look eastward to Mount Charleston, the peak visible from Las Vegas when looking to the northwest (with some snow on it still).

Since we arrived before the sunset, there was time to do a panorama from Dante's Peak, looking into the valley starting from the north:

Looking a bit more westerly, but still north, shows some of the salt deposits in the valley:

Looking to the northwest:

Looking west toward Telescope Peak (also with snow still on it), on the Panamint Range:

Finally looking southwest one sees the salt left behind by the evaporating Amrgosa River as it enters Badwater:

Trying to look straight down into the Badwater area, showed nothing but salt flats (that black ribbon is the highway we will take tomorrow to come to Badwater):

Finally, the sunset came and went and there was not much color, but we enjoyed it immensely anyway:

Seeing Badwater from above made us determined to see it up close the following day.

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