Death Valley in April '06

Part 2: A Rocky Sunset

Driving down into the valley, a flash of light from the setting sun hit my left peripheral vision and I pulled over to take a look at its origin.  Turns out it was a flash of sunlight coming through a hole in a rock (to the left of where the sun is setting):

OK, that was fun, so I walked back to the car to catch a few rays on other rocks:

The best part of the ride into Death Valley from the east, coming down California 190, is the rocks along the way:

Seeing those last rays of sun downhill ahead of me reminded me that I wanted to get to Zabriskie point before the sun was all the way down.  So I said good bye to the holy rock and high-tailed it to Zabriskie Point, a few miles lower down.

 See the same sunset continue from Zabriskie Point

 See another sunset from Dante's Peak

 See the Death Valley sand dunes and Badwater Salt Flats

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