2005 was a very full year, full of both triumphs and tragedies, personal as well as global.   

So in this new year of 2006 I am hoping for a very positive experience, personally as well as globally.  


1. A First Book Review for 2006:  James Burge's "Heloise & Abelard, A New Biography." (In response to my notifying him of my review, the author sent a nice thank you note and wished me well with my Medieval studies).

2.  Photos of the Spring Range and Red Rock from the air.  Again?  Yes, a different flight path and near-sunset light made these photos worth adding to my collection.
3.  Yucca Mountain from the air, with some commentary on MX missiles, nuclear rockets, and brothels.
4.  Winter scenes at the top of the Sierra Nevada (CA) from the air.  Just photos, no dialogue.
5.  A tour of the Hazel-Atlas Mine in the Black Diamond Mining District of California (silica and coal).  A tour you too can take thanks to the East Bay Regional Parks District!

6.  A review of Jana Richman's "Riding in the Shadows of Saints, A Woman's Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail."  (With a note from the author at the start of the review)

7.  A review of Amy Wallace's "Sorcerer's Apprentice, my Life with Carlos Castaneda."  [A note from the author has been added to the beginning of the review.]

8.  A review of Mary Doria Russell's "A Thread of Grace." (Fiction with deep insights into human nature.)

9.  A slight revision of my Beatrice-Bathelemy 'love' story - fairytale of 2002 (Historical fiction with some magic, some sex, some heresy, and few historical insights into the Languedoc region of France and the Pallars region of Spain 700 years ago)

10.  A comparison of four themes between Marguerite Porete and Jan van Ruisbroec (Accompanying photo pages revisit the grove where Ruisbroec found inspiration, the Place de Greve where Marguerite found death, and an early morning  walk in Paris)

11.  More on the life and teachings of the Flemish mystic Hadewijch (Motivated by addressing a question about her relationship with Bloemardine of Brussels, a heretical prophet by all accounts)

12.  A hike to the top of Multnomah Falls, Oregon   My granddaughter Aubree and I walked to the top of the falls and took some pictures of this beautiful place in typical Spring weather: very light rain.

13a.  Another Death Valley expose:  Visits to Badwater, Dantes Peak, the sand dunes, just a few flowers, a sunset at Zabriskie point, a sunset in a hole in a rock, and  . . .

13.b  Four interesting stops on a guided tour that was part of the Devils Hole Workshop for 2006 (meet the Archeans and the Stromatolites, important ancestral life forms)

14.  A kind soul made two gentle observations by email: (1) my "Mysticism Good or Evil" page was an important one and very hard to find within the site.  (2) Its font and background make it difficult to read.  So I am describing and linking a brighter, larger type version now, here.  Thanks for the feedback!

15.  I read Sam Harris' "The End of Faith" and was disturbed by it.  I wrote down and shared some of my  impressions.  (This was updated in early 2007 to include Harris latest book "Letter to a Christian Nation.")

16.  A very quick visit close to Lands End in San Francisco, California.  Flowers, trees, rocks and surf.

17.  I suggested to a woman of the Mormon faith that her church's current stance on marriage (promoting the marriage-protection amendment to the US Constitution) was a big change from the 19th century, when Mormon women were defending polygamy.  The suggestion was not appreciated.

18.  A review of Michael Baigent's "The Jesus Papers, Exposing the Greatest Cover-up in History" (With a few personal notes at the end)

19.  TOKYO!   My first time in this grand city of 10 million souls! A metro ride, a ferris wheel, tall buildings and a temple and shrine

20.  Nimes and other destinations in Provence, France   Something Roman, something Medieval, and something natural for enjoyment only (no attempt to teach any profound lessons about life from Medieval or ancient history this time)

21.  A witch's triumph in death "Margreet's Fall Into Love" -- a story I wrote years ago, the only one a screenwriter said was ready to become a movie.  It was posted on this site but I somehow forgot to make mention of in my Link-Outline.  Now I am correcting this oversight.

22.  La Madeleine!   A revision and augmentation of my decade-old Divine Feminine page.  Photos were added from the Madeleine church in Paris, and a PS and footnote were added in December that link in some ideas from the book "Secrets of Mary Magdalene, The Untold Story of History's Most Misunderstood Woman" edited by Dan Burstein and Arne J. De Keijzer (EDS Books, 2006)

23.  Comments on a book by Kathleen McGowan, "The Expected One,"   Comments relating to how this very well written book impressed me in the context of where I am in my life at the moment.

24.  San Lorenzo de El Escorial one more time!  Two hikes into the hils and mountains to the north of the town with splendid views of the royal monastery at San Lorezo de El Escorial.

25.  Comments on a book by Anne Rice, "Christ the Lord"   Comments relating to how this superbly written book impressed me in the context of where I am in my life at the moment.

26. A review of 5 books on recent developments in physics, cosmology and the meaning of life  Authors reviewed inlude Lisa Randall, Paul Davies, Michio Kaku, David Darling, and Joel Primack & Nancy Abrams.  I really liked and recommend the Primack and Abrams book, # 3 in my list.

27. The Shrine to Sekhmet in Cactus Springs, Nevada.  Why this shrine means something about peace between religions to me, whether that is its theme or not.

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