'Septober' trip to France

These pages are dedicated to my very dear friend Helen Weeks, who enjoys seeing, hearing and reading of my travels through life as much as I enjoy seeing her and reading her writings and hearing of her travels.  

Unfortunately, those travels also include travails, for both of us.  

For that matter, I know of no one whose travels do not include travails.  

Life is often good, but not always easy.

Links to 'Septober' (meaning late September/early October) trip pages:

(1) Crossing the Alps on the way from Munich (Munchen) to Marseille.  

(2) Sunset on the Giens Peninsula where my first set of meetings took place.

(3) Sunrise on the Giens Peninsula.  (I took no photos of the city where my second meeting took place, Toulon).  

(4)  A visit to the north rim of France's Grand Canyon, in Provence.

(5) A visit to the south rim of Provence's Grand Canyon.

(6) The ITER site near Cadarache.

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