Sedona and Environs


A Wild Ride to Schnebly Hill


and Beyond

This is our second Sedona trip.  There are older pages with photos from ten years ago on this site.  We like this magically beautiful and peaceful place.

One of the things I did 10 years ago that I did not get to repeat this time was to climb up into the middle of Cathedral Rock, the signature rock of Sedona.  But the second and third pages show some nice views of that rock formation from Oak Creek, a view I did not get to record or see 10 years ago!

But the first thing we did when we started our real visit (rather than the day we arrived in a hailstorm that seemed like it was going to bash in our windshield) was take Aubree to the town of Cottonwood, to Dead Horse State Park located near that town, where she rode a horse for two and a half hours and enjoyed herself thoroughly:

After she was done, we went for a wild ride in the car over a thoroughly rocky road to Schnebly Hill Overlook, where we climbed around until the lightning got uncomfortably close.

                   Once we get to Schnebly Hill Overlook, the view of Sedona is this one:

                    Then sweeping right and looking at the rocks in that direction:

On Schnebly Hill, there were trees, including this juniper and this pinyon pine:

We did not want to go back the way we came, too nerve-wracking, so kept going up, and saw these sights as we were almost on top of the Mogollon Rim at about 7,000 feet elevation.  

The "Mogollon Rim," is the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau in Arizona.  In some places, it can rise 2,000 feet above the canyon bottoms that extend away from it, as here.  For my page on the Colorado Plateau, click here.

Some more mountains lie directly to the west as we continue beyond Schnebly Point:

Next is the north side of a ridge meeting the north-south Mogollon Rim, that we are climbing up (actually, the car, a Santa Fe [Hyundai], is climbing it for us --we exercised its 4x4             capabilities on this trip driving in several           inches of packed hail on the road getting to Sedona, and its high clearance made it possible to get up this very rough rocky road):


I tried my best to look toward Oak Creek Canyon just before we reached "the rim."

Once on top of the rim, we were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves in a pine forest with this magnificent meadow:

A few miles later we hit the expressway, Interstate-17, and came back to Sedona by way of Oak Creek Village for our next adventure, a short hike in a thunderstorm (next page).

Come soak with us on a hike to Red Rock Crossing on Oak Creek during a thunderstorm

The next morning we come to this same place, Red Rock Crossing, in bright sunshine

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