February Red Rock Visit

PART  ONE: Red Rocks and Water

Strange day, Super Bowl day, Sunday.  Three neighbors came and jumped into my unheated pool, it is some sort of Super Bowl day tradition for them.  OK. The water was 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.  They survived.

Then came the sound of small hail (snow pellets) hitting the house after it had rained off and on most of the night. A very strong south wind suggested a north-Pacific front was about to burst through on its way east.

Could there be snow now as close by as Red Rock?  We live about 8 miles from there, it is just to our west, so went to see.  We?  My grandaughter Aubree, granddog Blue, and myself.

When we got into Red Rock, past the gate where I proudly flashed my seniors' pass and kept going, we stopped on the west side of the long line of 200-million-year old red sandstone blocks running north-south, the same sandstone that exists in the Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, and Bryce Canyon and many smaller scenic places in between these grander destinations.

We immediately descended to the bottom of the small divide carved by water between the sediment pile the road lies on (sediments carried off the ~600-million-plus year old limestone highlands that were broken off and thrust over the existing 200-million year old sandstone terrain, creating the Keystone thrust fault where the new and old meet.  (For a discussion of the driving forces behind these geologic upheavals, please click here to go to a discussion of the Sevier and Laramade orogenies.)

The next photo nicely shows what we had to descend to get to the divide between the mostly limestone rock sediments and the red rock:

Halfway down, a nice view of that divide (and the rear end of the dog headed down --but not able to go down because he is on a leash):

Aubree took most of the pictures today.  A little further down we were surprised to see water.  Water is not usual in this small canyon, so there are lots of pictures with water:

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Also, a flyover in a commercial airliner coming from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

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