April Flowers in Red Rock

Part 4: Lost Creek trail (0.7 miles round trip, easy)

That last photo on the previous page showed our destination.  Lost Creek trail climb just a little way into the side-canyon shown on that page.

The first sight, as it begins to climb after coming through a dry wash, is some stairs and a very nice pine tree:

Stepping behind this tree gave a rewarding view (sorry about the erroneous date stamp):

Walking just a bit further, and with a 3x zoom, Turtlehead Peak could be seen on the other side of the canyon:

A very small deviation from the main trail (but also on a marked trail) gave a glimpse of the Lost Creek for which this trail is named (Blue almost slurped it dry -- just kidding):

Moving back to the main trail, the source of this water was evident: a spring!

Impressive as flowing water in a desert is, this was not yet our destination.  This tree marked its general direction:

This tree also had an interesting root system:

The trail climbed up from here, allowing a last look back through this tree:

There were other interesting trail views, especially as we went through a rock-shelter:

Exiting the rock shelter gave a glimpse at our destination, which is a waterfall that runs for part of the year only:

Lucky for us, there was water.  The following photos show things in the order that we saw them.  First, the creek the fallen water makes (which quickly disappears underground),

then its splash area, where one can take a slow shower,

and then finally, the actual falls (sorry about that erroneous date again):

But there is always more in a setting than in a destination, and since it was getting darker I couldn't help but play some with the lights and darks as we walked back to the car:

And in this twilight I bid you adieu and hope you can come hiking with us again at some point in the future.  Stay tuned. Please.

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