April Flowers in Red Rock

Part 1: Orientation

Aubree, my granddaughter, Hayden my step-granson, me, and Blue, the dog did this April exploration of red Rock.  

To orient you, I will begin showing we are in the same place as our first 2008 Red Rock walk, which took place just after a rainstorm, in February.  It hasn't really rained since.  So imagine our surprise that there were flowers in Red Rock in mid-April!  

In our February Red Rock visits (see the 2008 YearBook page linked below) I steered clear of taking pictures of the central bowl of the canyon, since it was burned out last year. But this is where the flowers came up!  I suppose the wind casts seed everywhere, and with no other vegetation sucking up the water, the little rain that fell penetrated the ground and waited patiently for the flowers to pop up and suck it back out.  It was gorgeous!

In this first view we look back toward the Las Vegas Valley from the location of our first walk this year, linked above and as the first item in the 2008 YearBook.

The orange flowers are globe mallows, and the yellows are a daisy.

Here is another view in the same direction:

But the more spectacular flower display was on the west-facing slope to the right of this view:

This type of view is one I could not get enough of, so I turned slowly to the north and northwest to show more of the luscious color extravaganza Mother Nature had put togther here:

In the next photo, some experimental apparatus is shown on the opposing slope, apparently the BLM (the agency overseeing this area) is doing some biology experiments here.

One last panorama, looking in a more westerly direction this time, and then we will examine the members of this wonderful nature-bouquet up close and personal on the next page. (The purplish stripe is an artifact of a low sun shining into the lens).

Part 2: Bouquet contributors

Part 3: Moving to the west side of the canyon

Part 4: Lost Creek trail (0.7 miles round trip, easy)

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