More February Red Rock

PART ONE: Starting out

The first walk in this series ended where this walk starts.  The second walk was up a steep incline on the east side of the same east-west ridge that was the subject of the first walk.  The third walk was across the canyon, on its west side.  This time, we will start where the first walk ended, and try to climb up the west side of the ridge to where the second walk ended.

"Try," because for a variety of reasons, I didn't make it!  I got a late start in part because I wanted rain to stop (the second time it rained in February, marvelous! The trail toward the top was difficult to nonexistent and I am getting older.  It began to get cold and windy.  So, I wimped out.  BUT, just because you don't get to the top doesn't mean you didn't have a great experience cavorting in Red Rock, one of Mother Nature's special playgrounds.

So, we started out exactly where the first hike ended, and we have a fleeting moment of sunshine:

We will go down to the bottom of this small canyon and follow it north until we can go around that mass of red rock in the above photo and go up behind it.  

Going down we pass some rock openings we also saw in the first hike:

Since it rained, we have water at the bottom:

Between the places with running water there is flow underfoot:

Just where there is a pink to red color change on the right in the next photo, we turn right and go up:

As we turn right and go up we meet a very wet trail:

Soon after comes the first small rock scramble, and we look back once more:

As we now move forward, and for just a little while gently upward, there is this very nice tinaja, a place where the rock holds water and local wildlife knows and appreciates it:

Turning back from this tinaja, a spot of sun broke through and momentarily illuminated the red wall to the north of this east-west canyon through this north-south ridge:

The above photo also gives a view to the saddle that is our goal, a goal to be missed this time.  Now the climbing begins, and you can see that this is not an easy walk up a manicured trail (that saddle in the back is the same one we saw from the other side in the first hike):

We will continue this walk on the next page.

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If you want to see more of Red Rock, here is a previous hike I took

Also, a flyover in a commercial airliner coming from the Bay Area to Las Vegas.

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