Another Red Rock Foray

PART ONE: The Way Up

WE drove west on Charleston Blvd until we almost reached the entrance to Red Rock Recreation Area just outside Las Vegas.  Before we reached the entrance, we turned right to go to Red Spring, although that was not our destination.  From the parking lot we took a trail that allowed us to look back at the Red Spring area with its meadow:

We were headed up and northward, just a touch toward Turtlehead peak and then just before those dark red rocks we made a left turn and went up quite steeply:

Of course it was needlessly steep because I had lost the trail and we scrambled up some rocks and minor clifs before we reunited with the trail:

Of course the nice thing about scrambling up rapidly is that you quickly get vistas behind/beneath you:

But, it is always best to look up to where one wishes to go, that is my granddaughter Aubree (my rule is no kids on this web site, but hey, she was as perplexed here as I was about where to go up next:

After a little more scrambling we finally et up with the "trail" and relaxed and looked back: good progress (we had just scrambled up the right side of the photo, the trail was on the left and then came over this way).

About a third of the way up, the rock formations were more interesting (plus the panic was gone so we could enjoy the rocks better).  Our objective was a cave almost all the way up where we planned to have a picnic.  So we looked at cavelets (rock shelters) wherever we found them:

The trail on the way up led us by some nice rocks and trees even:

Turning around at this spot gave a nice view:

After a while the trail was adjacent to the left wall of the narrow canyon we were climbing into, and I could see the 'cave' that was our destination straight ahead:

Note that at this point we were quite near the top of the divide.  But it was getting darker so we decided to have our picnic and hightail it back down while we could actually see the trail.

Inside the cave we had our picnic and climbed all over the jumble of rocks that created it:

While inside the cave, I was surprised to see Aubree's head coming through the roof, OK that was weird!

Climbing out of the cave in the upward direction gave a nice view of the nearby pass or divide,

but there was no more time so we started back down. And it was a good thing we did as you will learn on the next page.

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