15 Dec. 08 Vegas Snow!

For those of you who watched the news, it was the 18 December snow in Las Vegas, in 2008, that closed the airport for the first time in 30 years and got headlines around the world.  In our neighborhood?  It just rained.  Boo-hoo.

But a strange thing has happened on the 15th of December, however, in our neighborhood (Summerlin) we got about 4 inches of the white stuff and down-valley (like on the Strip and by the airport) they got almost nothing.  So, I guess we are even.

On that day I was able to leave work a little early, grabbed our saucer-sled and granddaughter Aubree, and she grabbed her friend Brianna, and off we went to the snow hill of Summerlin, a park with a hill.

This shows the girls arriving at the park,

this was taken by me while climbing the hill,

The two girls beat me up the hill and were surveying the scene:

and this shows first Brianna sledding down the hill,

and then Aubree doing the same.

Seeing that they were occupied on the saucer, I took a walk through the park and along a walkway leading between houses to the park.

The next 10 or so photos are from that walk, the first three still in the park:

the rest of the photos are you coming on my walk with me, and the only thing I need to say is that the way the palm trees looked when most of their leaves were pushed down by snow was "droopy."

After the walk I returned to the park to find Aubree and Brianna with a snowman they had made: they were having fun, which is why snow was created:

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