Craters of the Moon

PART 2: Some Big Lost River Valley Scenes

From the Craters of the Moon National Monument overlook one can look toward the Big Lost River Valley where Arco and Moore are located:

This is one view from the highway as it approaches Arco:

A curious thing is, approaching Arco, numbers become visible on the sides of Arco Mountain:

Arco Mountain has some distinct shapes to it:

We will take US highway 93 north a few miles into the Big Lost River Valley, here is a scene to the northwestern boundary of the valley:

and here is a look toward the northern boundary of the valley (photo taken from village of Moore, that is Mt. MacCaleb to the left, Sunset Peak to the right):

The ranches up against these mountains (King Mountain in this case) provide classical Idaho views:

The Big Lost River, like its "little" cousin in the next valley to the east, drains into the fractured basalts that underlie the valley below, and does not come out to the surface again until it comes close to the Snake River in west-central Idaho, as suggested by the lines on this water-flow map:

This time of year there is no surface flow even here, near Moore, but there are lots of "critter tracks" in these upstream and downstream views:

That lowering sun reminded me to get out of there before it got completely dark, and with the low light it was, of course, impossible to pass up a picture of what I believe to be Jumpoff Peak seen just after passing Arco on the way back to Idaho Falls:

There were a few sights worth seeing on the way back to Idaho Falls, but there was not enough time, nor enough light.  Idaho has some beautiful places.

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