Day Trip to Nijmegen

Part Eight:

The Maas-Waal canal

A mile or so after leaving the Jonkerbos woods, I finally saw the Maas-Waal canal as I climbed partway up the local bridge that spans it:

I continued up the bridge for an overview, it is a large canal that allows barges coming from the direction of France (the Meuse is the Maas) to get into the river that serves Germany, the Waal.  The Waal is a major branch off the Rhine, it is actually wider than the Rhine which continues past Nijmegen to make a similar westward turn at Arnhem.

These are some views from the bridge:

Looking straight down shows the grass and rip-rap (rocks) we negotiated to get our selves into the water (which is cleaner now than it was then):

Walking down to the edge showed the nice bike and walking path that runs along stretches of the canal:

As soon as I sat down to wait for a barge to come by, I was rewarded with a deep-running (well-loaded)  one that provided the kind of waves we lived for (a series of photos follow that show the splendid bow wave we would swim out to be reasonable close to, and the succeeding waves we also enjoyed as we came back to shore:

By contrast, if a ship was not fully loaded it rode high and made paltry waves:

One shallow-riding ship following in another's waves did not produce large waves:

With no ships coming by the water was very tranquil:

The sunset was getting more and more obvious:

So, reluctantly I left this source of good memories and started looking for a bus stop:

The End (of my Dec. 2008 Nijmegen walkabout).

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