Day Trip to Nijmegen

Part Seven:

Jonkerbos (woods)

As soon as I turned north off the Vossenlaan at our nearest street corner, I could see the woods of the Jonkerbos:

Entering the woods looked like this now:

Of course this is not how I remembered these woods: they were fuller then (at least in my mind), the woods were more extensive, and had paths, but none were lighted or paved.  Now what is left is a few slivers between developed recreation areas and the Goffert park which is a very spacious and nice sports park.

But to try and recapture my youthful fear of these woods after sunset, I walked off the paths and into the sunset.  No fear sprang up like in olden days, and there is little to say with these pictures except that I enjoyed my short walk through these woods:

I did enjoy seeing these woods again!  Soon after emerging from the "bos", I headed west toward the Maas-Waal canal.  Another few kilometers of hard concrete sidewalks away.

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