Day Trip to Nijmegen

Part Six:

Our Neighborhood

The neighborhood was approached by walking away from downtown, past the concert building (Concertgebouw), to get to the street called the Sint Anna Straat. So the first two views are of that building and that street:

Both the building and street were just as I remembered them.  Except I did not realize it would be more than 3 km (~2 miles) before I would get to my (our) old neighborhood.

I knew I was getting close when I passed this building I recognized from before:

Finally, I knew I was at the head of our old street, the Vossenlaan, when I saw this old windmill (now undergoing refurbishment):

So this is where our street started,  

I walked down it until I came to the house where I thought the girl had lived that I had been interested in, in elementary school:

Then I took a detour to the Hazenkampse Weg where my and Jack's old school had been.  I walked the whole length of that street and there was not a trace of it.  This is about where it should have been:

Then I went to the end of that street and came to the Goffert park,

after Then I turned on to the Wezenlaan and walked back to the Vossenlaan.  The Wezenlaan looked like this 50- some years ago:

I came out right at our little distinctive housing area, here seen through trees across the street:

Here is what the area consisted of, duplex bungalows built shortly after the war as temporary housing:

Number 303 was our house, and here are a few views of it:

In rummaging through my mother's collection of photos, I found one with my father and Alex on a bike in front of our house:

Notice the houses across the street, they are still there (the ones further down are the older ones):

Also found one of me in the front yard (the yard was bigger then because the road had not yet been widened, plus we had not yet planted our gardens in the front or back yards, but we did do so):

My mother has LOTS of photos of some of us in the back yard where my dad had built a trellis for roses to climb up, as can be seen in the next photo, featuring Jack and myself showing off our swimwear:

Next backyard photos, three of them, feature Alex at different ages:

When I complained to my mother about him being dressed in girls' clothes, she told me they were hand-me-downs from me: little boys were always dressed in girls' clothes the first few years, girls' clothes were prettier and cheaper.  I never believed any of that, she kept saying the new (third) baby's name would be a variant of Alice, Alize, and then the next thing I know here is an Alex in diapers.  So I think she bought girl-clothes and was then surprised, but what the heck, have him grow some curls and dress him up, great fun!  The fourth baby was the girl she always wanted.

The next two photos are of Jack and I posing in the backyard.

Jack, me and Alex being posed in the backyard:

Adriana and her sister Barbara in the backyard:

The only photo in the collection that was taken inside the house: Adriana with her new sewing box made by Jack Sr. (sturdy enough to sit on):

We all worked in the back yard and front yards, this happens to be our dad digging:

Once there was sufficient greenery in the back for some privacy, this could be how one spends a sunny afternoon:

This is how it looked without all that greenery added, we were still working on it, and Ma is chasing Alex here while Jack and I are being lazy in the background.  I think this was an experimental backyard nap for Alex and we were supposed to be setting the example and he was not cooperating.

That is enough in terms of family photos, so to continue my 2008 walkabout:  if I just walked to the corner (westward) and looked back this is what I saw:

and then if I turned onto the next street to the right (northward), within one block I was in the woods that are the subject of my next page.

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