Day Trip to Nijmegen

Part Four:

The Valkenburg Park

First view as we move away from the bridge is the Belvedere (meaning beautiful view) tower, a rebuilt tower that used to be a defensive tower that was part of the old city wall (like the Kruidtoren).  It now serves as a place with kitchens and large rooms that can be used for receptions, banquets, and such things.

Turning back, we can again see the bridge, from a different angle:

But the real reason to climb up here is to see the remnants of the castle of the Emperor Barbarossa, built in 1150 on the place where previously France's Charlemagne had built a castle which he occupied for a time.  Both builders used stone from the previous Roman fortress that had stood here when all that was here was Romans and the tribal Batavians.  The remnants of the castle are a whole and a part of a chapel.  The castle was demolished in the great destruction of 1796, a year after the French had again taken over this area and apparently needed building stone more than an old drafty castle.  The French removed the walls and other fortifications to make Nijmegen less likely to be able to rebel and easier to control.

I remember coming here with a history class at school, just like these kids were doing:

This is the ruin that most captured my imagination as a kid since I thought it was from Charlemagne's time, bit it was not, as the sign says:

Enough history?  OK, let's go downtown and have lunch.

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