Brussels Christmas Lights

A highlight of any December in Brussels is its light show for Christmas in its Grand Place/Grote Markt.  

I has seen this type of display before on previous trips.  Some years are more elaborate than other years.  This one was enhanced with music in a way I had not seen/heard before, which was good.

So here we walk toward the great market place and the light is overwhelming my poor camera's ability to cope:

The light show and music were by "Electrabel Nachten:"

As the music and colors on these pipes changed, so did the colors and decor projected onto this building:

I'll just show you a few examples and then call it quits for this trip.

If you want to see the light shows from a previous trip, click on these words (2005).  And if you want to see the Grand Place at night before the Christmas lights all go on, try this page.

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