Vienna in March 2007

Unlike the Paris and Brussels trips that preceded this one, this is not my last scheduled official business visit to Vienna.  I should be back again in about six weeks to do more work at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  On this trip I had very little time, only about 3 hours of daylight after my last working day.  So I took a subway into town and took an almost random walk, stopping at the main cathedral and at a neighborhood church along the way.  After all, I have covered this city before, in terms of pictures, and will be here again.

Approaching Vienna, it was quite cloudy:

But just before reaching the city, it either cleared just a little or we dove below those beautiful puffy clouds and were over the city:

A palace lay below us just before landing:

Landed on a Wednesday evening and the next thing I knew I was in meetings and working in my hotel (or so it seemed) until Friday afternoon when I was pleased to have 3 hours of daylight to call my own, so I went into the city and visited the cathedral once more:

I was pleased to see this hawk circling above the cathedral, apparently the city is not so big that wildlife can't make it into the center of town:

But it is the inside of this edifice that is so appealing, to me (soory about the lack of focus, but see it as simply an indication of the richness and variety of color and artwork in this place:

Just to the right in the above photo stands this fantastic piece (also out of focus, but stay tuned, I will do better next visit which is soon and simply replace these photos):

As you can see in the above photo, there is a space to the right of the main part of the cathedral, it looks like this (I finally focused!):

But the grand finale for this place has to be its altar, which I could not approach so relied on a bit of telephoto to catch (OK, will re-do this one too next time):

Then I went outside and took an almost random walk, spotting this nice park along the way:

Next I was captivated by these fashion statements in a store window:

And then I saw another church-spire and walked over to it:

To my surprise it was a rebuilt version of a very old church:

Inside it had a few treasures of its own, its altar was beautiful:

But I was just as taken with the artwork around its front and back doors, including this backdoor scenery:

And these staues at the main entry, featuring a crowned Mary, of course, and Mary Magdalene as well, with her little jar:

Mary Magdalene, of course, is one that I also focused on in my recent Paris page, and especially on my Divine Feminine page.

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