A Half Day in Semmering

Part 1: A View from the Top

Semmering is what I have in common with both Freud and Mahler.  They have been here (but they many times, me only once).  

It is a resort town with healthy air because of its altitude, so people from Vienna used to come here to get away from the city and to get healthier.

As you can see from this overview, it is a very nice looking place with some very large hotels.  If you want to know more or make reservations to stay here, just go to this official web site:

See where the railroad comes into town?  I walked from there to the building above the word "into" in the previous sentence and took a cablecar up to take this photo. Here is the cablecar as seen from town:

Before I started up, the clouds were looming and I did not know if I would see anything from the top, but I lucked out:

I am actually standing on a 75 foot high wooden tower designed to get above the trees and allow a view in all directions,

I will share some of these views with you.  The town below is to the east, so this is the view to the northeast:

This is another view to the east:

And the next two are south and southeastern views:

Did you notice I skipped the view to the west?  That's because it remained cloudy, and at one point some clouds came real close:

But as quick as it rolled in, it rolled out again:

To the east, clouds kept me from seeing what looked like a nice big patch of snow on a nearby peak:

Were there no things worthy of a closer view at the top?  Sure there were, like this view into the woods behind the tower:

I must confess that the best twenty minutes of this very fine day were spent walking down through these woods.  After 20 minutes the trail became a road, but the views were still nice.  That is what the next page will be all about.

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