Salem, Massachusetts

There were many more places where I could have learned more about the history of this place and time, like this one that was also recommended to me, but I was running out of time:

So I walked to the Witch Memorial, which is a small square with seats that have each executed person's name inscribed in them:

The memorial sits surrounded on two sides by a historical graveyard with a plaque to help visitors locate grave markers for historically important figures (only one related to the witch craze, the rest were important to the region and the nation):

Some of the homes of these people are preserved and part of a large regional museum system:

At the Griffen Theatre they had told me that there were several locations where the hanging tree may have been. But no one knows for sure.  At the end of Washington street there was a park that some thought may have been the place, but there is great uncertainty and the Gallows Hill on the map is a very doubtful designation.  So I went looking for my own candidate tree, one that would have the attributes of many strong branches, and found this one in a cemetery:

On the other side of the cemetery was a pine tree, however, whose canopy I found fascinating (not much good for multiple hangings, however):

I had never seen a pine tree canopy quite like this:

All good things come to an end, and as this short historical tale tells us: so do bad things.  So, quite soon I found myself waiting for my train, looking at a thunderstorm getting closer and closer, and then we left and I was hit by a great thunderbumper in Cambridge where I retrieved my bags and headed to the airport where some flights had seen storm-delays already:

That is the end of my Salem adventure, I very much enjoyed it, the people in all the places I visited were very, very helpful, friendly, and also knowledgeable.  Some were probably witches (mostly Wiccans), which is OK by me.  

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