Paris, March 2007




It is March of 2007 and I believe this is my last official trip to Paris.  Worked each day, so the only time to "play" was the first evening and the last evening of the week.


So what did I do on what may have been my last days in Paris?  I went on a long nostalgia walk and stopped off to see some of my favorite haunts one more time, and there was not much time.


First I got off the Metro by the Louvre just to see its entrance (the glass pyramid above and below) once more:




Then I took a walk on a busy street toward the Tuileries gardens, and along the way spotted my good friend Joan of Arc:



Next I took a left and went into the Tuileries gardens and was amused by birds on two statues of Diana the Huntress:



The building in the background is the Louvre in the second photo, and an art museum in the first Diana photo.  Speaking of the Louvre, there is a fantastic piece of historical pompousness (but a piece of art nevertheless) as you enter the Tuileries directly from the Louvre:


I was actually amused by some of the statuary in the Tuileries, like this one called comedy:


And this Minotaur apparently encountering some opposition in taking this apparently unhappy woman abductee:


A blue sign of Spring was to be found in one part of the garden:


And I liked this happy family scene too (yes, that is the Eiffel, across the river):



One of my favorite Rodin pieces stood outside the Orangerie art museum dedicated to several impressionists:

The above view makes the two lovers almost look distant, but getting in a bit closer shows there is an intense kiss in progress:




So, on recommendation from a coworker I went into the Orangerie to see some paintings, I'll share a few with you now:  First there are the Monet walls of water lilies in the Nymphaeum:



Then downstairs were rooms dedicated to various artists, and I will just paste in a few "excerpts" (clipped and colors touched up, sorry) from paintings by Gauguin:


OK, enough art, now it is time to go see two of my other favorite places: the Sacre Couer and the Madelein cathedrals, one last time (see the first link below):

Want to read about where I stayed on most of my excursions to Paris for the last 24 years? See the second link below:

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