Paris, March 2007





When I left the Tuileries, past this fountain, I made a right turn and headed directly for the Madeleine which is only a couple of blocks away.



So here it is once more:  The colorful banner in the middle talks about the path to forgiveness and uses the statue in the church as its illustration, which reminded me to look carefully at the artwork on the exterior of the building too:


The top of this building has Christ and Mary Magdelene at his feet seeking forgiveness, note the massive angels protecting Jesus in this work of art:



So let us go in now and see the main attraction that I also feature on my Divine Feminine page (see that page for a magnificant version of the upper painting in the next photo and for more discussion of the meanings of these works of art, Mary Magdalene is the figure surrounded by angels bearing her aloft into heaven below, in the second level she is at Jesus' feet with her alabaster jar, and in the highest painting she is received into heaven by Jesus):



Of course there is a Madonna and Child in this church:


And Saint Amelia even has a place here:


I will end this visit to the Madeleine with my friend Joan of Arc (whose story I tell elsewhere on this website, and who I followed all over France to photograph places of importance to her like Domremy,  Chinon, Orleans, Reims, St. Denis, and Rouen).


I was not very pleased with the eyesocket right above the nose making it look damaged, so tried to get an angle kinder to her nose:  This side is much better.

From here I hightailed it (on the Metro) to catch a final glimpse of my favorit haunt on top of the Montmartre, the Sacre Couer (Sacred Heart) cathedral.  Just two photos, one of the magnificent entry (note Joan of Arc at Jesus feet just to his right):



This is not a good photo, but it is my favorite chapel in the cathedral of the Sacre Couer, one I have meditated in almost every time I have come to Paris:



What about the Notre Dame?  Very impressive place, but not my favorite place to sit and contemplate.  Here may be my last view of the exterior of that structure:


Turning around from there gave me a nice river view as well (you can tell these photos are not in chronological order, right?  After all, it was night time at the Sacre Couer and three days earlier.)


So, good bye Paris.  Thanks for the memories, they have almost all been good, and beneficial to my personal and professional well being!

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