Paris, March 2007

Where I have stayed most of my visits to Paris over the last 24 years


(if you'd rather see where I went my only two free evenings on what was perhaps the last (official-busines) trip to Paris, see the two links at the bottom of this page.)

It is an evening in March of 2007. Tomorrow I fly back home to Nevada, in the United States. It has been a busy week once again, each day filled with meetings at the Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), part of the international Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which is based in Paris.

I am sad. This is the end of my 24 year career assignment to represent a part of the U.S. government in the cooperative work of several (over the years) of the scientific working groups sponsored by the NEA. This week I introduced my permanent replacement in one group, last Fall I did the same in another group. Coming to Paris once, twice, sometimes three times a year for 24 years has been a very rewarding part of my life as a scientist, and has also been very enriching as a human being.

During my 24 years of coming to Paris, I have stayed in just six hotels. Five of them I stayed in once each. They were fine hotels. One of them I have stayed in all the other times, over 40 times, over 40 weeks in all! It is my home in Paris. When I wake up, I know exactly where I am and how to get to where I am going, and from this hotel I can be anywhere in Paris in very good time. It is just a few steps from a Metro station (‘Ranelagh,’ on the 9 line).

The hotel is within easy walking distance of the main OECD offices. It is relatively small. It is relatively inexpensive. It is very comfortable. It is very clean. Best of all, its owners and staff are very helpful and friendly, and have become friends over the years, people I have grown older with in some cases. They have met my family, and several of my co-workers over the years.

The name of this hotel? Hotel Beausejour-Ranelagh, 99 rue du Ranelagh, in Paris’ 16th Arrondissement. The 16th is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Paris, in my opinion, a place where my wife and children have felt completely safe and secure to roam around on their own, with nearby shopping and eating establishments and several parks and a great museum with Monet’s art to keep them busy and entertained. I have a picture page on this website that shows some of the neighborhood:


I can’t guarantee this will happen to you, but in this hotel I apparently met a spirit from the past (according to a psychic friend who claims to have ‘seen’ me in my Paris hotel room surrounded by water lilies and this spirit’s love, all the way from Texas!). I spent 7 years tracking this spirit, named Beatrice, in history. I knew when I had found her, and told her life-story in words and pictures on my personal internet site. That was great fun, and my wife didn’t mind that I apparently was visited by a woman in my Paris hotel, one that I then chased all over France and even into Spain year after year! She didn’t mind because the lady had been dead a long, long time. My wife actually accompanied me on one of my ‘chase’ adventures! It was all in fun, and it all started in a room of the Hotel Beausejour Ranelagh that was decorated with water-lilies on its wallpaper! The wallpaper can be seen at this web page (click here to go there) and there are links on that page to the story of Beatrice’s life, and to pages of pictures of places she had lived in France, and in Spain, 700 years ago.


I thought it was fitting that this trip, I was reading Thomas Cahill's "Mysteries of the Middle Ages" and when I got to the part where he discusses Hildegard and the concept of closed gardens as sacred spaces, I looked up and realized that this trip my wallpaper was based on the stylized birds and plants of a Medieval garden.  How cool is that?


If you would like to stay there, please go to their website (in English or French) at


So, what did I do with my two free evenings, knowing this could be my last time in Paris?  See the linked page below:


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