Mt. St. Michel and St. Malo

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Having visited both these places before, I wanted to just re-acquaint myself with them on this, potentially my last official-business trip to France.  St. Malo is a beautiful Medieval fortress city on the Atlantic just west of Mt. St. Michel, and on the day of my visit it was totally overrun by sports enthusiasts: the city was hosting an annual sporting event, so there really was no place to park, and I simply stopped by the seashore (parked illegally, sorry) and popped a few photos of the Atlantic, and headed to the Loire Valley to see Fontevraud Abbey again (this was a nostalgia tour for me, you see?).  

I did not feel too bad doing that since on my previous visit to St. Malo I did manage to get two interesting photos in the old city.  This time I was, so to speak, in the city's "newer" (well, newer compared to the walled part of the city) extension to the east.

You can see the city wall in the next 2 photos, and then the photos move eastward just showing the open ocean (there are sea-going vessels in the harbor at St. Malo, so there is a deep channel that allows them to come in).

If you wish to see two more photos I have taken many years ago of St. Malo, use this link.  On one of my previous visits to Mt. St. Michel I did the same thing as I did this time, a very quick run over to St. Malo just to catch a glimpse of the ocean, but last time I did manage to get into the walled part of the city.

If you wish to visit St. Malo, here is a good website to consult.  I borrowed this aerial view of the greater St. Malo area from this tourist-information web site (the beach pictured above would be behind the walled city at the upper center of the photograph below, so it is not visible):

But, this was a very quick visit to St. Malo, and it came at the end of a very quick visit to Mt. St. Michel which is still on my list as one of France's most intriguing places, so let's go there (again) next.

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