Death Valley May 2007

A Walk in a Sand Storm: Part 2

This is the road that goes out of Death Valley towards Death Valley Junction.  Looking back into Death Valley we can see that the storm still rages there, but here there is only an occasional sandy drift across the road:

OK, are you tired of dust and sand in your eyes?  On the way back into the valley the sight of greenery, fed by springs, is quite arresting:

The secret to all of thuis exuberant life is this: water!

Walking just a bit off the road into the greenery was very rewarding in terms of being surrounded by such luxurious greenery in a very drys setting:

That low level sun reminded me it was time to go home and see if there is any power to run an air conditioner in the hotel (there was, the winds had died down by the time I got back).  On the way home I saw how Furnace Creek gets its water: diverting it from these springs (the water is the dark stuff between the brighter concrete walls):

As I started for "home" I saw something shimmer beside the road and walked a ways to get this shot of water heading for Death Valley just like this tourist!

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