Death Valley May 2007

A Walk in a Sand Storm: Part 1

During the Devils Hole Workshop proceedings the power went off several times because of very high winds.  When the meeting was over I hurried to the eastern entry into Death Valley where there was an overlook point with a shelter.  I thought I could get above the blowing dust and sand there and look back.  So that is what I did.  This overlook shelter was my destination:

I never got there, I made it on top of the dark rise on the left and there the winds were so strong that even sitting down I was unstable, and walking was nearly impossible, and there was a serious drop in two directions:

So I climbed back down on all 4s.  So, you ask, where is the sand and the dust?  It is back where I came from at Furnace Creek Ranch (the trees barely visible are where my hotel was):

Sometimes the winds eased up a bit and more of the ranch's buildings could be seen:

What was the source of all this dust and sand?  A dry lake and a delta where the occasional rainfall brings its sediment load:

And what is that building in the foreground?  It is the Furnace Creek Inn, sitting above the dust and sand storm while the Furnace Creek Ranch is right in the middle of it.  The Furnace Creek Inn has some very nice gardens:

It is only when looking through the trees into the valley below that the dust and sand can be seen to be flying quite nearby:

Would you believe there were actually people in the pool?  But I was polite and did not take their picture.  Now you can see how close the sandstorm was to this oasis.

Remember seeing a road in the third photo on this page?  Let's drive up it a little ways and see what there is to see in terms of dust and sand.

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