Death Valley May 2007

A Walk in the Panamint Range: Part 1

I had forgotten what a long ride it is to get from Furnace Creek to the backside of the Panamints.  And that is the problem of course, the road to the saddle where the hiking trail to the top begins is on the west side.

This is a view from that road, Telescope Peak is on the right, Wild Rose on the left, and the saddle in between is our target:

At about 7,00 feet elevation the pavement ends, and from there to ~8,100 feet elevation it is a rough and narrow road, with very welcome trees (=shade) toward the end:

The dominant trees along the section of trail I will walk now are Pinyon pine and Juniper, with a few other types of pine trees.  I will not be going high enough to see the Bristlecone pines on Telescope Peak:

So I start up the trail, and plan to go only far enough to get a peek at Telescope Peak from a distance.  That takes about 2 miles and a thousand feet of elevation gain.

So the trail begins, for me, like this:

Quite a contrast with Golden Canyon.  I am mesmerized by the trees for a while:

But soon I remember to look past the trees into Death Valley too, here is view back to the start of the trail in the divide below, with a very faint hint of north Death Valley:

And here is a view into south Death Valley:

And looking down in the middle gives us Badwater from a different angle then I have shown on the site before:

Without those trees, Badwater looks like Badwater ought to from this height.  That little dog-leg of salt heading toward the distant mountain is where the visitor's center is for Badwater, Dante's Peak is just above that, and if you really, really stretch your imagination you can see a faint outline of a third mountain range on the horizon which is the Spring Range, just west of Las Vegas:

So, can we look back and see Golden Canyon from here?  Try this: straight down from the tree branch there is a red wall with some light-colored rock in front of it.  That's it!  If you follow the ridge in the foreground to the left you see a faint dark square on the valley bottom (where the last sliver of sunlight hits that foreground ridge)?  That's Furnace Creek Ranch.

Time to trudge up the trail to see Telescope Peak.

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