Bryce Canyon

An Overview and a Very Small Walk on the Navajo Trail

PART 1: An Overview

For an excellent and yet simple overview of Bryce Canyon geologic history, please click here and see this National Park Service web page.

We drove into the National Park and turned where the sign said "Sunset Point."  And what a gorgeous overview this place gives of the south-central part of the canyon!

Just a few steps away allowed these two views into the canyon near this point:

But of course we walked along the rim and took more photos, like these three from near the southern wall of the canyon:

Then we walked back toward the north.  The central part of the canyon allowed these photos to be taken.  Note the pine forest in the lower part of the canyon where all of the runoff water from storms is focused:

Then we walked to the north, at Sunrise Point, where Navajo Mountain was visible on the horizon.  Navajo Mountain is a mountain in northern Arizone that is sacred to the Navajo.  

Two pictures ago (a photo taken by my granddaughter, Aubree, 10) she thought the white rock at the lower right looked like a person sitting, so she zoomed in on it:

The trail that starts here at Sunrise Point and continues until it meanders back up at Sunset Point is, fittingly, called the Navajo Trail (whether anme din honor of the tribe ir the Navajo Sandstone in which it sits is immaterial since the sandstone was named in honor of the tribe).  We will walk part of the trail tomorrow.  Here is the north end of the trail:

Back at Sunset Point is the south end (where we will take a walk on the next page):

Some of the trees growing along the edge of the canyon showed that the sandstone was eroding rather rapidly beneath them:

As often happens toward evening, a sunset was approaching:

On the way back to the hotel, my granddaughter Aubree was able to sneak up to some deer without spooking them and took these photos (she is rather good at this!):

A walk on the southern end of the Navajo trail

A visit to Zion National Park

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