Amargosa Conservancy Tour

Part 6: Near Dumont Dunes

I did not get a photo of the rather impressive sand dunes called the Dumont Dunes.  I did get such a photo once before, however (click to go there, it is the next to the last picture on the page  and here is the same photo, but included on a different page revisiting the Amargosa River in 2004).

Where we stopped it was not possible to see the dunes, but it was possible to look back along the river toward the north, in the direction of China Ranch:

This is the paved road that brought us here (looking west):

And this is what the river trace looks like making its westerly turn toward Death Valley:

Looking a bit more westerly gives this view:

We will be going past those hills to Saratoga Springs in a minute, but first here is a link to a time when there was a lot of water flowing in this river.

Saratoga Spring is our next stop.

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