Amargosa Conservancy Tour

Part 1: The spring at Shoshone, CA

Some years ago, in the company of my late mother, who was quite the adventurer, I put together a story about the Amargosa River that included Shoshone and its seepage areas, the river crossing the Shoshone-Pahrump highway, and Tecopa (which I kept misspelling as Tecopah -- the 'h' does not belong).

One thing I missed in Shoshone, however, was the spring that feeds warm water into the town's swimming pool and then runs downhill allowing water to be used for a town park and a few lawns.

Thanks to this Amargosa Conservancy tour, I have now seen the spring that waters this town, as well as some of the other sights in these pages that I had never seen before.  Please visit the Amargosa Conservancy website.

Here is the water coming from the swimming pool:

The flow from the spring that feeds the pool goes south and then turns east under the road, supporting copious greenery along the way:

It flows under the road from which the above photo was taken and into the city park:

Whatever is left of this flow makes it into the Amargosa River, which flows south here and crosses the Shoshone-Pahrump highway in the next set of photos.

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