Abe's Ever-Evolving Understanding:
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Joan of Arc

Christian Mystics

Cathars, Troubadours, and Courtly Love! 

A Life Story ---Suitable for Young Readers. Joan was a teenage peasant girl who heard voices and listened to them. Within two years she had freed a large part of France from foreign soldiers and caused a reluctant prince to be crowned King of France. Unfortunately she was captured, tried, and burnt as an unrepentant heretic! Hundreds of years later she was made a Saint! See the Home Page's Link-Outline for a list of picture pages relevant to Joan of Arc's life: Domremy, Orleans, Chinon, Reims, St.Denis, Rouen. A Woman's Movement in the High Middle Ages. Plus excerpts from my favorite Christian mystics.  In the High Middle Ages the Beguine movement  spawned some of the clearest mystical voices of that time.  It was persecuted out of existence, except in parts the Low Countries where their relationship with the local and regional clergy assured their orthodoxy and survival. If I remember right, the last true Beguine left her Beguinage in 1966. Pictures of Bruges Beguinage. Personal feelings and observations on the life and times of the Cathars. With the extermination of the Cathars at Montsegur, the Languedoc tradition of Courtly Love  also perished.
Dante's Divine Comedy carried the Courtly Love tradition to its pinnacle, with his Beatrice as his guide, which is explored at length here.  Finally, I was fascinated with James Cowan's book: A Troubadour's Testament, which I reviewed and the author replied to.

Criticisms of Christian Religion(s)

Historical Fiction

  Being Human: Intellect, Intuition and Wholenesss

Basically the story of my evolution out of my adopted religion, Mormonism, and my (negative) experience in reading the scriptures of Christianity.  Included to dispel the gloom are a story of my spiritual re-awakening after some darker times, reflecting the new, more wonder- filled (more ignorant) life I now enjoy.  It isn't just Mormons I pick on, even though I appear merciless (even unfair to some) in my comparison of their polygamy with that of Germany's Radical Anabaptists (see next column over), but I also pick on a Christian fundamentalist. I did some historical fiction on Compuserve. These are extracts. Originals and stories by master story tellers are in Compuserve's Living History Forum. Two examples here are (1) a Beguine's life, and (2) if you click on the subtitle above you see a story of a couple who become part of the Radical-Anabaptist revolution that led to their extermination. In a different vein, I was overcome by hopelessness reading a realistic story of witch trials. So I wrote a short story to cheer me up. It may or may not cheer you: see Fall Into Love Being alive, a unique person, is a mystery, and a privilege.  At times, just pondering the fact of being alive leads to a  feeling of a dark abyss, just ahead, a chasm of deep, dark ignorance.  When sensing this abyss, deep inside us wells up a knowing.  A conviction that assures us this abyss is not to be feared.  It is home: our source and destiny.  It is the well from whence flows our Divine Nature.  The intellect sees the abyss.  The intuition sees home.  Wholeness is when the  two become one in us. See the linked page(s).

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