A 1985 "revelation," of sorts, by Abe Van Luik


(with commentary from the Gospel of Thomas)

"Jesus said, ' ... It is I who am the All ...

Split a piece of wood

and I am there.

Lift up a stone

and you will find me there.'"

A revelation:

I am not above the earth;

when I am whole I am the earth,

she is me,

we are eternally one!

"Jesus said, 'He who has recognized the world

has found the body,

but he who has found the body

is superior

to the world.'"

Men have longed

for a far off perfect day

when a new, denatured earth

will reveal to their new, unnatural selves

the mysteries of the All.

"His disciples said to Him, ...

'When will the new world come?'

He said to them,

'What you look for has already come

but you do not recognize it.'"

They have seen in part,

and understood in part;

for in order for earth to teach us,     

as our Mother,

we must become natural and whole as she.

"Jesus said, 'It is I who am the All ...

He who will drink from my mouth

will become like me.

I myself shall become he,

and the things that are hidden shall be revealed ...'"

Adam became Adam and Eve.

And Adam blamed and punished Eve

and separated himself from her

so as to conquer her:

Mother, Nature, Earth, Woman, Other.

"Salome said, 'I am your disciple.'          

Jesus said to her, 'Therefore I say,

if he is undivided, he will be filled with light,

but if he is divided,

he will be filled with darkness.'"

Without her he could not see light,

without her he could not know life,

yet he appointed himself seer and knower,

projected his false images into eternity

and called them salvation.

"Jesus said, '... My soul became afflicted

for the sons of men, because they are blind

in their hearts and do not have sight;

for empty they come into the world,

and empty too they seek to leave the world.'"

Songs of praise for Nature's God,

for man shall be redeemed

in spite of himself.

He shall be made whole:

Adam and Eve shall again be Adam!

"Jesus said to them,

'When you make the two one ...

and when you make the male

and the female one  

and the same,

so that the male be not male

nor the female female; ...

then you will enter the Kingdom. ...

These infants being suckled

are like those who enter the Kingdom.'"

Creation shall cease to hurt or destroy,

lamb shall lie down with lion,

the law of derived lives shall be revoked:

And man will cease defining himself and others

into separate spheres forever:  the two shall be one.

"Jesus said, "When you make the two one,

you will become the sons of man, ... .

When you come to know yourselves, ...

you will realize that it is you

who are the sons of the living Father. ...

I am the one who exists from the Undivided.

I was given some of the things of my Father. ...

My true Mother gave me life. ...

Whoever has ears to hear,

let him hear.'"

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