Carlsbad Caverns,

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Part 1, The Caverns
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Last Spring it was my privelege to attend some meetings in Carlsbad, New Mexico. I had always wanted to go into the caves there, at Carlsbad Caverns National Park. So I made an Internet reservation for a tour of one of the caves, with time in the morning for visiting the main cave. The main cave is a self guided tour, 800 feet below the surface (walk down, take elevator back up!).

I told my colleagues at the meeting of my intent of visiting the caves the day after the meeting, and a good friend whom I have known for some time said "so am I, our local caving club has an appointment ro do some restoration work in the Lower Cave, after which we will get a private tour of the Lower Caverns, want to go with us and do something useful and earn a tour?"

My answer? "Sure!" And so it was that I had but 15 minutes to snap some photos in the main cavern, and then mucked out mud with sponges and buckets for a long time, after which we got a lunch break, more mud work, and finally a lengthy tour of the Lower Caverns, with occasional stops to fix footpath-boundary designating tape.

In the very few minutes I had to take pictures in the main cavern, these sights pleased me very much, and there is just very little that I can say about any of them except that the place is truly magnificent, spectacular, and well worth a visit! Some of the lighting was arranged to throw accents on features, and I found the lighting to be very tastefully done.

So, imagine you are walking quite fast through just a small part of the main cave, and haven't time to read the cutesy names of the formations you are staring at while your camera does its clicking thing. When you got home, you would have many pictures that looked like this:




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