Thoughts:  Impressions from Individual Books

There are numerous books that I have read as part of a thematic review, those are listed under my "Thoughts: Thematic Book Reviews" page (see link at bottom).

Here on this page are links to individual books I have read, a small fraction of the books I have read, and how they impressed/influenced me.

The list is in aphabetical order by AUTHOR, not in any subject or time order.

AUTHOR:    Eben Alexander

AUTHOR:  Karen Armstrong

AUTHOR:  Reza Aslan

AUTHOR:  Andy Andrews

AUTHOR: Michael Baigent

AUTHOR: Stephen Batchelor

AUTHORS:  Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary

AUTHOR:  Annie Besant

AUTHOR:  Beryl Singleton Bissell

AUTHOR:  Harold Bloome

AUTHOR:  Howard Bloom

AUTHOR:  Mark Booth

AUTHOR:  Dan Brown

AUTHOR: Sylvia Browne

AUTHOR: James Burge

AUTHOR: Jeffrey J. Bütz

AUTHOR:  Thomas Cahill

AUTHOR:  Norman F. Cantor

AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho

AUTHOR: Stephen R Covey

AUTHOR: James Cowan

        A Troubadour's Testament,

      ... and author's reply

Other James Cowan books such as A Saint's Way, A Mapmaker's Dream, and Letters From A Wild State are mentioned in the new Rumi Ruminations pages.

AUTHOR: Glen Craney

AUTHOR:  Phyllis Curott

AUTHOR:  Paul Davies

Paul Davies published another book (I reviewed his The MInd of God under a 'Thematic Review,' see link below).  I heard it discussed on National Public Radio, went and got it, read it, liked it, and reviewed it. It is called Cosmic Jackpot, Why Our Universe is Just Right for Life.

AUTHOR: Richard Dawkins

AUTHOR:  Daniel C Dennett

AUTHOR:  David Ebershoff

AUTHORS: Malcolm Ebright and Rick Hendricks

AUTHOR:  Dan Goodrich

AUTHOR:  James Harpur

AUTHOR:  Sam Harris

AUTHOR:  Andrew Hussey

AUTHOR:  Nicholas Ifkovits

AUTHOR:  Brian T. Johnston

AUTHOR:  Dan Kane

AUTHOR/Editor: J. Douglas Kenyon

AUTHOR: Ursula King

AUTHOR: Richard Kirby

AUTHOR:  Paul Kriwaczek

AUTHOR:  Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

AUTHOR:  Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie

AUTHOR:  Judith Lindbergh

AUTHOR:   Hermann Löns

AUTHOR:  Hermann Löns, as translated by Robert Kvinnesland

AUTHOR: Robin Maxwell

AUTHOR:  Kathleen McGowan

AUTHOR:  Lynne McTaggart

AUTHOR:  Marion Meade

AUTHOR:  Lisa Miller

AUTHOR:  Kate Mosse

AUTHOR:  Robert Munroe

AUTHOR:  Barbara Newman

AUTHOR:  Zoé Oldenbourg

AUTHOR:  Kenth Pedersen

AUTHOR:  Elaine Pagels

AUTHOR:  Mark Gregory Pegg

AUTHOR: Simone Pétrement

AUTHOR: Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester (selectors and translators),

AUTHOR: Otto Rahn

AUTHOR:  Anne Rice

AUTHOR:  Jana Richman

AUTHOR:  Mary Doria Russel

AUTHOR:  Mona Lisa Schulz

AUTHOR:  Ahmad Shavary

AUTHOR:  Dan Simmons

AUTHOR:  Goci Smilevski

AUTHOR: Margaret Starbird

AUTHOR: Rick Strassman, M.D.  

AUTHOR:  William Irwin Thompson

AUTHOR:  Frank Tipler

AUTHOR:  Colm Tόibίn

AUTHOR:  Ingrid von Oelhafen and Tim Tate

AUTHOR:  Amy Wallace

AUTHOR:  Frank Wilczek

AUTHOR:  Connie Willis

AUTHOR:  Barrie Wilson

AUTHOR:  Mary Wollstonecraft

Vindication of the Rights of Woman, with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects, by Mary Wollstonecraft.  This is a difficult book to read and in my very personal opinion does not apply to women living in today's more modern societies. Nevertheless it contains material and lessons of some use today and gives a frightful look into the lives of English upper class women in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

AUTHOR:  Robert Wright

AUTHOR:  Eric Zuesse

AUTHOR:  Gary Zukav

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