The Upanishads & So. Virginia

Walks in the mountains of Southern Virginia

Part One


We arrived in the Washington, DC metropolitan area late in April where I participated in a three day meeting that was held in a high-rise office building in Rosslyn, Virginia, with a great view of the Potomac and the Key Bridge.  That is Georgetown directly across the river:

To the right the monuments of the capitol were visible in the distance.  The Capitol is barely visible to the left of the tall and skinny Washington Monument:

Looking to the east, toward Reagan National Airport was also nice:

When the meetings were done, we rented a car to drive south, but on our way we first rode across the Key Bridge to take a quick look at the White House: a nice place to live:

Then we headed several hundred miles south, almost to the North Carolina border where we stayed as guests in another white house, a very nice old farm house where our Daughter Rachel's boyfriend, Lee, lives very nicely:

The view of the house from the side and back, and the view of the back from the house, were very nice:

This huge tree was very inviting  to Audrey, she would like to have climbed into it:

The first morning there, Rachel took this sunrise photo before I got up:

This is very pretty country.

Last time we were here we did some walks centered around a local landmark: Buffalo Mountain.  This time we only saw Buffalo Mountain from the Blue Ridge Parkway as we left to go back north to catch our flights back to New Mexico.

The sightseeing and walking will start on the next page.

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