South Mt. city park, Phoenix


Drive South on Phoenix's Central Avenue and you come to this huge mountain park.  

There is a video on YouTube about hiking in this park

Attending a week-long conference in Phoenix did not leave me much free time, but I did manage to get to this very nice city park for about two hour after a full day of meetings.

Here is what I saw from a trail starting at the Dobbins Lookout.

[Technical note:  posted GIF photos instead of JPEG photos this time just to see if this smaller format lost any color or detail.  It looks OK to me.  If you want an original JPEG, just ask.  It will be emailed to you free.]

First a look into the Phoenix area from between two ridges:

Next a look to the west along the South Mountain ridge of small peaks:

Then a look back to the parking area and the trail we just came down:

A look to the northwest from the flank of the next ridge over from the Dobbins Lookout parking area:

A little closer to the end of this ridge:

My walking companion, to remain nameless unless she tells me to give her name:

Best view yet of the tall buildings of downtown Phoenix:

Another look west, reminding us of an impending sunset:

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