Slaughter Canyon in 2014

A Spring 2014 re-visit of Slaughter Canyon (Carlsbad Caverns National Park) to check on progress since the 2010 fire


In 2011, we took a walk through the area that was badly burnt out in May of 2010 (see link below).  Now we look again.  It is late May 2014: four years after the fire.

We will start with the area that was most burned out, where now there is much plant growth, especially yuccas, mesquite brush and cacti.  Note that the new growth on this mesquite is coming out of burned branches.  There are different degrees of burn damage, and in some cases sap can still flow and new leaves will come from branches that once looked quite dead:

Moving up the canyon, revegetation progress was impressive, these yuccas put out an amazing amount of seed:

This area was the most barren on our 2011 visit, now it looks quite good:

This mesquite may have survived the fire but almost got uprooted by the subsequent flood:

As we continue upstream there are patches of very healthy vegetation:

This area was untouched by the fire, it sits in a stream-bed bend where apparently the wind was forced to change direction and bypassed a whole wooded section:

Behind this stand, and apparently protected by it, there is a beautiful Texas madrone tree:

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