Richland WA River Walk

PART ONE:  From Howard Amon Park to Leslie Groves park

I have a daughter, son in law, three grandkids and one great grandchild living in the Richland area.  Probably has something to do with the fact that we lived here, off an on, three times, for a total of six years.  The Tri-Cities area is a nice place to live.

It had come to my attention before that the Lewis and Clark expedition had come through the Paso/Richland/Kennewick area on their way west, but I did not realize until this riverwalk that there was a designated Sacagawea Trail.  The red line in the lower right photo is that trail, the amber line on the left side is where we are going to walk, a side trail to the Sacagawea trail.  The picture of Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea is from Wikipedia's article about her life, which mentions her pacifying the tribes in this very area by talking with them and showing that she, a woman, traveled with them.  No Indian war party ever had women with them.  


Where the green begins on the map above, just above the letter N in Richland, is Howard Amon Park where I spent many hours with my two littles ones (little then, in their 30s now).  One of our favorite areas in the Summer was this little tykes wading pool:

The wading pool was completely fenced off, a good thing for parents with more than one kid to watch, since the river was literally a stone's throw away:

Speaking of the river, the Columbia River just befor it meets and absorbs the Yakima River and the Snake River, is quite wide at this point, and its waters are quite clear:


Our destination for this page is where the land is turning right with an island visble beside it (a narrow line of trees in the water), that is where leslie Groves park begins:

Looking back to Howard Amon Park from this pier:

Moving north from here takes us through some nice trees:


The river is wide as we walk northward (but look back to the south) on the walking/biking trail:

      We keep moving north on the paved trail and finally come to the start of Leslie Groves park, where our car is parked.

Do we get in the car now and drive off?  No.  We will first walk into Leslie Groves park, on the next page.

PART TWO: Leslie Groves Park

PART THREE: Northward from Leslie Groves Park

PART FOUR: The Navy in the Desert

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