Pillar Point

Part 1.  Why Pillar Point?

My younger brother Alex had several favorite place in Washington, the state where he lived the last part of his life.  He also had some very good friends, in Seattle, who looked after him and helped him when he needed it most.

For some time Alex lived in this house in Port Angeles, on the north end of the Olympic Peninsula:


In front of that house grows a tree, one planted by Alex.  It is his favorite tree, a Quaking Aspen.  It was bare at the time of our visit here:


Alex's best friends, at this time in his life, Alice and Dennis, live in this house in Seattle:

If you are assuming the four trees in front of the house are also Quaking Aspen, you are assuming correctly.  If you are assuming these trees have something to do with brother Alex, you are also correct.  If you are guessing this tree subject will come up again, you are once again correct!

Alex's best friend, and her husband, offered to take us to one of Alex's favorite places so that I could disperse his ashes there.  We went through a list of potential places and settled on one that we could do in one day starting from Seattle, a place not far from his Port Angeles home that he liked, Pillar Point.

Pillar Point is on the northern shore of the Olympic Peninsula:

To get there from Seattle, the smarter, faster way is a ferry from Edmonds to Kingston.  Good roads from there to Port Angeles and then about 30 miles of decent but narrower, winding two-lane road to Pillar Point.

This is our blue Honda on the second deck, and the full lower deck of the ferry:


Particularly noteworthy views along the way were the ferry's wake:

Mount Rainier southeast of Seattle:

The returning ferry seen against direct sunlight on the water:

The Olympic Range on the horizon to the west:

But the objective of this excursion was to arrive at Pillar Point, and after almost two hours of driving to the west, stopping only to take a picture of Alex's Port Angeles house and tree, we finally arrived there, and here we are looking at Canada, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca:

On the next page we will distribute Alex's ashes into the seawater.

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