Liege/Luik, Belgium

Stopping in Liege or Luik, Belgium, on the way to Cologne from the netherlands

We parked the car in a downtown pay lot and went to this nice place to have lunch.  From the restaurant I spotted an old church, so we just had to walk there and check it out:


Given the way it looked on the outside, it was a pleasant surprise to see the brightness and well taken care of artwork on the inside!


Perhaps when my ancestors left here (taking the name of their city with them) to emigrate northwest into Zeeland, part of the new Dutch Republic, they paid their last respects to this city in this very church?  Who knows.  At that time, the Spanish yoke had been thrown off the northern Netherlands, and to a large extent the Catholic yoke that, with the Spanish, supported the continuation of feudalism.   Feudalism still reigned here, it had been part of the Roman Empire so long as to have become seen as God's preferred societal order.  Farmers who actually owned their fields and harvests were the new thing in the northern Netherlands and my ancestors moved there and became rather well off flax farmers.


But there is much more to Luik than that old church, as may be seen by just looking around the main square:


Uh oh!  Just spotted two more churches!  But we are in a hurry so we go to see the river, the same river Maas/Meuse we have seen both in France and the Netherlands (!)


From Luik we drove into Germany and would have gone to the nearby Eifel national park except that it began to rain in that direction:

So we stopped at the Eifel Blicke and saw the mountain ridge in the distance where some of the peaks were that made up this national park.


Even here on this ridge before the Eifel ridge, the woods were wonderful:

Now we were in a hurry to return to Cologne before dark (did not make it) and a couple of weeks after returning home received a very friendly automated speeding ticket with my picture on it from the city of Aachen!  Paid it, of course.  Don't want Interpol coming to Carlsbad looking for me!

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