Hamburg, Germany

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Exploring the neighborhood at first arrival

Hamburg is a sea port city.  Its ports are on the Elbe river.  The Elbe flows along the south part of the city toward the northwest where it meets the sea.

The Alster river cuts through the center of the city from the north.  It is a short river originating just north of the city in a regional forest park.  In the city it is dammed and two lakes are created from this small river, the Außeralster and the Binnenalster (the Outer Alster and the Inner Aster lakes).

From the top of our hotel, the Außeralster is the main view:


Step out of the hotel and walk across the street, and you are on a biking and running/walking path all around the lake:


Walk east a little and you come to a tributary canal and its bridge.  Decorating the top of the bridge are colorful locks.  As in other European cities these are symbols of people bound together by love:


We decide to go under the bridge and walk along this canal:

For a while it is hard to tell we are in a high population-density urban setting:

Soon we come to a light-rail bridge and what looks like a large church off to its left.

The church is beautiful in this setting, but we go up to the light rail station and take a train to downtown, just a couple of stops away:

Join us downtown on the next page, please.

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